Umrah and Prayer

Umrah is most blessed and most energetic and loveable journey for the Muslims. Umrah is the blessed journey which is only for the sake of the Allah. Your all intentions are belonging to the Allah. Umrah is the very blessed and elegant journey and with it. You will get a lot of rewards. I remember that precious time when I went for the umrah with the prodigious package Umrah Package in Public Holidays with Tickets. In the holy place of Allah and his messenger, you seek many things. Before Umrah, my life was totally changed. I am the person who never prays regular prayer but this is a true saying that you just need one moment for the change and umrah is that moment which comes in my life. When I was in the home of the Allah. Overpaying is a spiritual and dedication thing. Call of the prayer was calling me at the home of the Allah and I just can’t tell you about my feelings.AT the home of the Allah and at the mosque of the great prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH) and you should know the Allah ordered every single Muslim to really offer all the obligatory prayers in a mosque. Obligatory prayers are more significant and when you pray at the place of the prophet you will realize that there is a convinced magnitude of importance of the religious that you need to give to prayer. When I ever I offer my prayer at the holy Kaaba then I promise to myself that I cannot leave my prayers without fulfilling the basic necessities of guaranteeing that I do it with others. When attaining umrah in your young time you will feel more passionate and optimum. when you totally indulged with the worship of the lord then you can find the chance to understand the importance of the religion and justice to yourself and with your religion With Umrah I got the chance to understand more about my religion and now I am waiting for the hajj pilgrimage. With the religion, you can feel inner peace in you.

Sins towards Destroying

Islam is the Religion which will guide you and take you towards the long-lasting Happiness. If Allah who is the most loving for his creations and he ask you to avoided the things, then as a Muslim this is your duty what is forbidden in the Islam you must don’t act it. Allah is the great and almighty, when you are acting these unethical and bad things then you will have indulged in the bad activities and in the dark era of your life. Sins are the bad things which will destroy you but if you repent Allah will forgive you. He will not punish you. Your sin life will be harmful for you at any stage of your life, as well as in the stage of here after. There are some very harsh and hard punishments for the sinners. But as a Muslim, if you involved in any type of sin then you have to sorry and repent. Many Muslims only go for the aim and for to purify their souls and so that they visit the home of the Allah and perform the Umrah, or hajj with the packages like the Best 5- star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Package in Public Holidays with Flights 2017. There are so many hadith of the prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) about the sins. Once the Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) with his companions and he said the there are some sins which will distract you. Don’t join anyone worship Only Allah is the one and he is the worship. Don’t kill anyone this is the big sin and Allah will not forgive you. In the book of the hadith, the Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) said that the killing of one is the killing of the humanity. Then again Prophet said to don’t eat the wealth of the orphans, you will be answerable to God on the day of the judgment. Don’t uncorrupted with the women. You will be answerable to your Lord for your all actions.

Memories of the Great Prophet(PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) was the great prophet and he is the example and he is man who always for adore and love. When you read many inspirational stories in Quran and also in the main place which is called hadith this is very impressive. He is the blessing who come to refine us and guide us. This was the time when I was the great place which is called Makkah and Madinah with the great packages like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels low price Family Umrah Packages with Luxury Hotels 2017 and when I was in that holy places I feel so peaceful and I can’t define my words in the words. When you are in the Madinah your spiritual feelings and attachment will be so high. This was like you are so attached with great prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH).i was there in the mosque holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) I feel so relax and  cool in that area and one of the Muslims brothers is speaking about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he was very concern about his ummah and he will be one the day of the mosque there is one pillar in which this is written that he will ask supplication from the God that he will forgive his ummah when I  heard this I was like just crying and it is the situation when some time children are weeping .then again he proceed that one day abu-zar-ghafari come to meet the prophet Muhammad and ask if someone committed the big sins is they will go heaven are they. Then Prophet Replied yes, they will if they have believed on the God. after the death of the prophet he feel happy. I also feel happy when I listened it. This was the great news of the sinners and who repented from the God and they will be answered.

Lessons of Life and the Teacher Muhammad e Arabi(PBUH)

The man who is best amongst the man is the Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa (PBHU). He is the perfect prophet of the God. In this world and in this universe most appreciable after the God is the great Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH). He was not the teacher he is the institute for all the Muslims and for all the humanity. He teaches us how to pray how to get closer the lord. How to safeguard yourself from the every aspect of life even in a small thing he guided and leave the solution for us. In Quran, Allah identifies the rules and regulation and Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) teach us how to follow it and what are the condition and circumstance it will be a break. Like in Quran Allah said offer prayer but way how to perform it only teach us by our great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH). He performs one Hajj in life and on his final speech he clarifies all the things. He performs hajj and Umrah in the remembrance of great sacrifices and from that time till now Muslims perform umrah and hajj every year. every time his house is filled with pilgrims and they come with the package like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages with tickets With Luxury Hotels 2017. Allah said he send his messenger for the welfare of the humankind and in the Quran, he said that Messenger has come to you, illustrative to you much of that which you used to skin in the Scripture, and merciful much. Certainly, there has come to you bright from Allah and a clear Scripture. There are too many good and idealistic things in the great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) he is a pure Love. Allah said in another place about how he is the blessed for the universe. He and his creature angels are sent his blessing and salutation to the prophet and as a true believer, we have to send our regards towards him.

Well of the Prophet Yusuf(PBUH)

There are a lot of things which is related to the Islam and the great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH). Muslims regard these things and love these things which are mention in the Quran there are a lot of stories of the prophets and why they feel difficulties and everything reveled as the lesson which is very good and best for the Muslims. We can see the foot of Ibrahim and many other things which are in Saudi Arabia are regards by Muslims in the journey of the hajj they come with the great packages which are like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages with Luxury Hotels with Air Tickets 2017 and they go ziarats with Quran, there is one main chapter which reveals the story of the prophet Yusuf who was the called the beautiful man on the earth. His father Yakub(PBUH) loved him so much he has eleven brothers including him. He said to his father I saw a dream I saw starts including the moon his father replied Moon is you and stars are your brother. His brother feels jealous from him they want to kill him they think father loved him a lot and don’t love them. They set a plan he said no I don’t allow him to go with you, they said we will protect him at any cost but when they reached jungle they throw him in the well and took his shirt with them and said to his father. wolf eat him and they put some blood on his shirt when he was thrown in the good angel took him so that he can sit with comfort. After some time, a caravan come across this well they found a boy and then they solid him in the market of the Egypt. This is the well in palatine from where the beginning of the started.

Mount Dohaab And Its Importance

It was my hajj journey. It was started in England when I reached an airport. I was so excited. After my flight, I was there where I want to be. Muslims want to come in this place. This is their holy wish. I was in them and after hajj, I want to go again. I come on hajj with the Islamic pilgrimage services from England for Muslims. This was the Jeddah Where I put on the ihram. This was an outfit included of two white sheets worn by Muslims. There is very easy how to put up this blessed cloth. You can put one sheet and you can have tied it around you. Then you have to surrounded around the shoulders and these must representation the bone in the upper share of the foot and the I was looking to love the ihram. It's looked very simple and humble look. I think so it’s a uniform like there is no one above than other.  This is called to be a good footing of external I was reached the holy Makkah and performed my Umrah. My hotel is very near to mosques either it was in Madinah or was the pure journey for me which will use for the clarification and purification of the soul. I try to spend my most of the time in the Harm or in the mosque of the prophet. I pray and ask forgiveness. I visit many places of my prophet. where he born. where he fought for us. Where he was addressing all places are like heaven when I see them my heart filled with tears. When I see the mount where the trench battle happened. I remind the stones which he used to control hunger. I was just crying when I thought about this. What he did for us. This is mount which is called Dohaab.

Islamic Concept of justice and Its Importance

Islam always promotes Adl i.e. justice in all fields of human life. The complete meaning of justice and injustice include all facets of life of human beings.  Islamic society in the early periods was created on the basis on social and economic justice. In the sphere of political system, justice also plays a vital role. For administration and governance of the state, the implication of justice is very compulsory. Social justice creates a perfect equilibrium between obligation and right, private life and public life. All Islamic obligations of prayers, fasting, hajj and zakat are also mentioning concept of social justice. Hajj also promotes this trend of social justice. Many Muslims across the globe visit holy places. From the UK, various kinds of Islamic pilgrimage services from Manchester for Muslims are accessible. Without justice. Society become prey of evil forces. We can witness many severe issues.

Today’s biggest and grave issues like extremism and terrorism have taken their strong roots in our societies because of lack of social impartiality. Moreover, it also creates bigotry and narrow minded people. A huge gap or communication barrier emerge between rich and poor. In other way, we can say that lack of social justice is mother of all problems we are facing in our daily private and public life. Ignoring of quality education is one of the main reasons behind this havoc scenario. In order to alleviate this problem, there is a dire need to implement and establish pure and real Islamic teachings in the lives of people. Islamic scholars and Ulema have to play their due role in this regard. They must mention and preach their followers about social justice. They are obliged to teach people how to perform justice in their family and social fields. Media has to come forward and show true Islamic values.