Remedy for Declined Moral Standards of Muslims

World olden times has never perceived an era where a suitable wisdom of morality prospered. Only Islamic history shows a period of around 13 ages where the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) recognized a civilization in Medina which can be called as unblemished, free of wicked and manipulation.

One of the chief drives of Islam is to extirpate all communal ills from development. In order to attain this, Islam communicated a high of ethics between its first associates. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was a vigorous role model amongst them; the Holy Quran describes him as one of glorious Personality. Morals is a topic that contracts with and regulates the correctness of human behavior, e.g. Ethical or bad, correct or incorrect, etc. There is not a lonely instant of a day when a being is not complicated in doing or thinking approximately. It is an immeasurable process which drives on all through one`s lifetime. The query rises when one is dared with the truth of movement: right or wrong. This relates to morals and Muslims have been demanded to pursue management to control the fact of their conduct. All our religious duties teach us morality and ethics. Thus many Muslims go to Makkah and Medina via Islamic pilgrimage services from London.   

Their final achievement is recognized on the reliability of their social conduct with fellow existences. After the Holy Quran, the era of the prophet is the greatest source of administration. While descriptive on everlasting principles he alongside established through his honorable deeds. His lifetime is engaged of such proceedings, where he projects a suitable wisdom of ethics. Even his staunch opponents recognized that his morals were great. His knowledge for human advantage, his presentations of compassion, his advices for love, his effort for peaceable living and his observances for human redemption are shining plates for all to contest with.