Islamic Concept of justice and Its Importance

Islam always promotes Adl i.e. justice in all fields of human life. The complete meaning of justice and injustice include all facets of life of human beings.  Islamic society in the early periods was created on the basis on social and economic justice. In the sphere of political system, justice also plays a vital role. For administration and governance of the state, the implication of justice is very compulsory. Social justice creates a perfect equilibrium between obligation and right, private life and public life. All Islamic obligations of prayers, fasting, hajj and zakat are also mentioning concept of social justice. Hajj also promotes this trend of social justice. Many Muslims across the globe visit holy places. From the UK, various kinds of Islamic pilgrimage services from Manchester for Muslims are accessible. Without justice. Society become prey of evil forces. We can witness many severe issues.

Today’s biggest and grave issues like extremism and terrorism have taken their strong roots in our societies because of lack of social impartiality. Moreover, it also creates bigotry and narrow minded people. A huge gap or communication barrier emerge between rich and poor. In other way, we can say that lack of social justice is mother of all problems we are facing in our daily private and public life. Ignoring of quality education is one of the main reasons behind this havoc scenario. In order to alleviate this problem, there is a dire need to implement and establish pure and real Islamic teachings in the lives of people. Islamic scholars and Ulema have to play their due role in this regard. They must mention and preach their followers about social justice. They are obliged to teach people how to perform justice in their family and social fields. Media has to come forward and show true Islamic values.