Mount Dohaab And Its Importance

It was my hajj journey. It was started in England when I reached an airport. I was so excited. After my flight, I was there where I want to be. Muslims want to come in this place. This is their holy wish. I was in them and after hajj, I want to go again. I come on hajj with the Islamic pilgrimage services from England for Muslims. This was the Jeddah Where I put on the ihram. This was an outfit included of two white sheets worn by Muslims. There is very easy how to put up this blessed cloth. You can put one sheet and you can have tied it around you. Then you have to surrounded around the shoulders and these must representation the bone in the upper share of the foot and the I was looking to love the ihram. It's looked very simple and humble look. I think so it’s a uniform like there is no one above than other.  This is called to be a good footing of external I was reached the holy Makkah and performed my Umrah. My hotel is very near to mosques either it was in Madinah or was the pure journey for me which will use for the clarification and purification of the soul. I try to spend my most of the time in the Harm or in the mosque of the prophet. I pray and ask forgiveness. I visit many places of my prophet. where he born. where he fought for us. Where he was addressing all places are like heaven when I see them my heart filled with tears. When I see the mount where the trench battle happened. I remind the stones which he used to control hunger. I was just crying when I thought about this. What he did for us. This is mount which is called Dohaab.