Well of the Prophet Yusuf(PBUH)

There are a lot of things which is related to the Islam and the great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH). Muslims regard these things and love these things which are mention in the Quran.in Quran there are a lot of stories of the prophets and why they feel difficulties and everything reveled as the lesson which is very good and best for the Muslims. We can see the foot of Ibrahim and many other things which are in Saudi Arabia are regards by Muslims in the journey of the hajj they come with the great packages which are like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages with Luxury Hotels with Air Tickets 2017 and they go ziarats with it.in Quran, there is one main chapter which reveals the story of the prophet Yusuf who was the called the beautiful man on the earth. His father Yakub(PBUH) loved him so much he has eleven brothers including him. He said to his father I saw a dream I saw starts including the moon his father replied Moon is you and stars are your brother. His brother feels jealous from him they want to kill him they think father loved him a lot and don’t love them. They set a plan he said no I don’t allow him to go with you, they said we will protect him at any cost but when they reached jungle they throw him in the well and took his shirt with them and said to his father. wolf eat him and they put some blood on his shirt when he was thrown in the good angel took him so that he can sit with comfort. After some time, a caravan come across this well they found a boy and then they solid him in the market of the Egypt. This is the well in palatine from where the beginning of the started.