Lessons of Life and the Teacher Muhammad e Arabi(PBUH)

The man who is best amongst the man is the Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa (PBHU). He is the perfect prophet of the God. In this world and in this universe most appreciable after the God is the great Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH). He was not the teacher he is the institute for all the Muslims and for all the humanity. He teaches us how to pray how to get closer the lord. How to safeguard yourself from the evil.in every aspect of life even in a small thing he guided and leave the solution for us. In Quran, Allah identifies the rules and regulation and Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) teach us how to follow it and what are the condition and circumstance it will be a break. Like in Quran Allah said offer prayer but way how to perform it only teach us by our great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH). He performs one Hajj in life and on his final speech he clarifies all the things. He performs hajj and Umrah in the remembrance of great sacrifices and from that time till now Muslims perform umrah and hajj every year. every time his house is filled with pilgrims and they come with the package like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Packages with tickets With Luxury Hotels 2017. Allah said he send his messenger for the welfare of the humankind and in the Quran, he said that Messenger has come to you, illustrative to you much of that which you used to skin in the Scripture, and merciful much. Certainly, there has come to you bright from Allah and a clear Scripture. There are too many good and idealistic things in the great prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) he is a pure Love. Allah said in another place about how he is the blessed for the universe. He and his creature angels are sent his blessing and salutation to the prophet and as a true believer, we have to send our regards towards him.