Memories of the Great Prophet(PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa(PBUH) was the great prophet and he is the example and he is man who always for adore and love. When you read many inspirational stories in Quran and also in the main place which is called hadith this is very impressive. He is the blessing who come to refine us and guide us. This was the time when I was the great place which is called Makkah and Madinah with the great packages like Best 5-star Luxury Hotels low price Family Umrah Packages with Luxury Hotels 2017 and when I was in that holy places I feel so peaceful and I can’t define my words in the words. When you are in the Madinah your spiritual feelings and attachment will be so high. This was like you are so attached with great prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH).i was there in the mosque holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) I feel so relax and  cool in that area and one of the Muslims brothers is speaking about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he was very concern about his ummah and he will be one the day of the mosque there is one pillar in which this is written that he will ask supplication from the God that he will forgive his ummah when I  heard this I was like just crying and it is the situation when some time children are weeping .then again he proceed that one day abu-zar-ghafari come to meet the prophet Muhammad and ask if someone committed the big sins is they will go heaven are they. Then Prophet Replied yes, they will if they have believed on the God. after the death of the prophet he feel happy. I also feel happy when I listened it. This was the great news of the sinners and who repented from the God and they will be answered.