Sins towards Destroying

Islam is the Religion which will guide you and take you towards the long-lasting Happiness. If Allah who is the most loving for his creations and he ask you to avoided the things, then as a Muslim this is your duty what is forbidden in the Islam you must don’t act it. Allah is the great and almighty, when you are acting these unethical and bad things then you will have indulged in the bad activities and in the dark era of your life. Sins are the bad things which will destroy you but if you repent Allah will forgive you. He will not punish you. Your sin life will be harmful for you at any stage of your life, as well as in the stage of here after. There are some very harsh and hard punishments for the sinners. But as a Muslim, if you involved in any type of sin then you have to sorry and repent. Many Muslims only go for the aim and for to purify their souls and so that they visit the home of the Allah and perform the Umrah, or hajj with the packages like the Best 5- star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Package in Public Holidays with Flights 2017. There are so many hadith of the prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) about the sins. Once the Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) with his companions and he said the there are some sins which will distract you. Don’t join anyone worship Only Allah is the one and he is the worship. Don’t kill anyone this is the big sin and Allah will not forgive you. In the book of the hadith, the Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) said that the killing of one is the killing of the humanity. Then again Prophet said to don’t eat the wealth of the orphans, you will be answerable to God on the day of the judgment. Don’t uncorrupted with the women. You will be answerable to your Lord for your all actions.