Umrah and Prayer

Umrah is most blessed and most energetic and loveable journey for the Muslims. Umrah is the blessed journey which is only for the sake of the Allah. Your all intentions are belonging to the Allah. Umrah is the very blessed and elegant journey and with it. You will get a lot of rewards. I remember that precious time when I went for the umrah with the prodigious package Umrah Package in Public Holidays with Tickets. In the holy place of Allah and his messenger, you seek many things. Before Umrah, my life was totally changed. I am the person who never prays regular prayer but this is a true saying that you just need one moment for the change and umrah is that moment which comes in my life. When I was in the home of the Allah. Overpaying is a spiritual and dedication thing. Call of the prayer was calling me at the home of the Allah and I just can’t tell you about my feelings.AT the home of the Allah and at the mosque of the great prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa (PBUH) and you should know the Allah ordered every single Muslim to really offer all the obligatory prayers in a mosque. Obligatory prayers are more significant and when you pray at the place of the prophet you will realize that there is a convinced magnitude of importance of the religious that you need to give to prayer. When I ever I offer my prayer at the holy Kaaba then I promise to myself that I cannot leave my prayers without fulfilling the basic necessities of guaranteeing that I do it with others. When attaining umrah in your young time you will feel more passionate and optimum. when you totally indulged with the worship of the lord then you can find the chance to understand the importance of the religion and justice to yourself and with your religion With Umrah I got the chance to understand more about my religion and now I am waiting for the hajj pilgrimage. With the religion, you can feel inner peace in you.